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Apr. 29th, 2016 10:00 am
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"This is Kanan. If I didn't pick up the comm, I probably don't want to talk to you. If you think you can change my mind, go on, leave a message."

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It was supposed to be a milk run. In and out, no problem. Hera's sources had tipped her in on the location of a large shipment of bacta and other assorted medical supplies, which they were to come in, pick up, and then drop off on Wobani for a group of escapees from one of the Empire's labor camps. Hera would drop Kanan off, he'd make his way in on foot to secure the payload, and within an hour or two, the cargo would be on the ship, on the way to a group of people who could make far better use of it than the Imps could.

In theory. And Kanan had even managed to make it most of the way in, taking out a small trooper patrol and then helping himself to some of their gear. It was much easier to get in and out of an Empire's loading area when you were dressed for success, after all.

He... hadn't been banking on there being only one crate of cargo in the warehouse.

He extra hadn't been banking on it being accompanied by a half-dozen Rodians wearing shock collars, also awaiting transport to somewhere most certainly unpleasant.

After a quick, hushed conversation with the nervous captives, Kanan sighed and reached for his comm.

"Hey, Hera? How many people can we comfortably fit on the Ghost, anyway?"

[OOC: For she what is piloting the getaway vehicle!]
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So, the storm was... a little more than Kanan had anticipated, even while he did have a hunch that it was going to be more severe than people were bracing for. But for the most part, they were pretty safe at home, having packed up enough emergency supplies to carry them through for a couple of weeks, if need be.

Look, they had no idea how long severe Earth storms lasted. Better safe than sorry. After a few hours, the sound of sharks beating against the outside walls now and again mostly just became background noise, and Kanan and Hera had managed to get to sleep.

... At least until the loud sound of breaking glass coming from the living room, and the sound of barking and angry astromech bleeping that followed. At that point, Kanan was wide awake, and making a grab for whatever weapon fell closest to hand on his way to the bedroom door.

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So. Storm on the way. And they were in an apartment building, which meant that preparations to protect the actual structure of their current home were mostly out of their hands. Kanan had picked up a few extra supplies, and was just contemplating what was worth running across to the scrapyard to fetch from the Ghost, just in case, when he let loose a kind of agonized sigh.

"Should've left the Escape on Moraga," he muttered. "You'd think somebody would have converted one of those warehouses into a proper hangar by now so that we'd have somewhere covered to keep our ships when we're expecting weather like this."

What? It wasn't his first storm, even if it was his first big one on Earth. But he wasn't super thrilled about the idea of leaving his baby out there to try to hold her own against crazy winds and the potential of flying debris.

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Well. The weekend had been... eventful. And class had been a nice distraction. And, hell, Kanan had stopped by work and had a good chat with Eliot that afternoon about plenty of things that he'd been afraid to admit to himself, though he'd maybe been warming up to the idea of them, somewhat.

And now he was back at home, standing in the kitchen, looking thoughtfully down at a couple of nerf steaks in a frying pan as Stance pranced around the kitchen floor with the telltale clack-clicky-clack of a happy dog on linoleum who was hoping to score some nerf for himself.

"Okay," he said, smirking a little as he tossed the dog a chunk of meat. "But just this once. Hera and I have earned this meal this week. All you had to do was not torment the flamingos."

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Something was up.

No, Kanan couldn't put a finger on just why he was pacing the apartment like an anxious nexu, but he had been practically all day, with breaks taken mostly just to take the dog out to do his business, and to try to beat some of last night's glitter out from his clothes. What was it that had him so twitchy? He really couldn't say. But here he was.


The stampede of small children running around the island outside probably should have tipped him off when he went to take the dog for his walk, but... well...

It was possible that he was twitchy and also somewhat in denial.

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Little known fact about Kanan Jarrus: His idea of 'getting ready for bed' generally involved peeling his way out of his shirt and just collapsing for the night. This hadn't actually changed any since Hera had moved in, either. Last night, Kanan had done his usual evening routine, which was somewhat shorter than it used to be now that he showered in the mornings in order to avoid being punted out of the bed by a Twi'lek with a mean kick and an aversion to wet hair, and that had been that.

Other little known fact about Kanan Jarrus: he'd gotten kind of used to sharing a bed with a somewhat petite lady who could still kick most people's asses ten ways to Coruscant. So when morning started to roll around, it didn't take much for him to at least become dimly aware that something was amiss. And until he could manage to scrape a few more brain cells together than his tired brain could muster, he was at least faintly certain that the something that was different was Hera.


Maybe if he pretended to be asleep a little longer, he could put off having to explain whatever the island had done to her for a little bit longer, too?

[OOC: For that petite Twi'lek lady that he totally platonically shares a bed with! Open for visitors once things like clothes have been sorted out, too.]
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Okay, so class today had Kanan kind of itching to handle a lightsaber. He wasn't going to. He really had nowhere even remotely private that he could do so without risking an excited dog getting underfoot, and even if the Force was with him (or whatever) he wasn't about to risk some sort of horrible lightsaber accident while training just because Stance wanted to help.

So, after making sure Hera was at the junkyard doing... whatever it was Hera did at the junkyard. Running a business or scrounging for spare parts or whatever... he grabbed the first thing that came to hand in the apartment that had any sort of reach - a spatula - he rearranged the small bit of furniture in the living room, and he let himself fall into the old, familiar steps of the lightsaber drills he used to do with Master Billaba.

It wasn't all Soresu. He did occasionally stray, if only to see whether or not he could transition smoothly from the form he knew to the kenjutsu that he'd seen during class. But he always just kind of drifted back. The familiar was kind of nice, even if he was using a spatula.

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After his radio broadcast, Kanan dragged his feet all the way back to his apartment. Up the stairs. Through the door, tripping over an enthusiastic dog along the way.

... Taking the leash from Stance. Putting it onto him, taking him outside for a walk to do his business...

And then back into the apartment again, managing to kick off his boots somewhere in the middle of the living room so that he was in sock feet by the time he hit the bedroom, and kind of oozing back into bed, muttering.

Razzumfrazzum time change. Arg-bargle. And so on. And what was even up with the squirrels beeping out that one particular kind of music during his broadcast, anyway?

"Earth's stupid," he announced around the time his head hit the pillow. "Stupid Earth."

He needed more sleep for this.

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It wasn't that Kanan had been in any hurry to part ways with Hera and Zaluna; really, the opposite couldn't have been more true. But, besides the fact that he had to leave a trail placing him on Gorse through all the previous action so that he'd be just another suicide flier who'd left the planet when work dried up, he'd come back to this galaxy with a plan in mind. He would be damned if after all of that, he went back to Fandom without his ship. Especially now that the Expedient was space dust at best, having been at ground zero when Forager blew. The planet that they'd relocated Zaluna to was quiet. Kind of pretty, actually, for a sparsely populated agricultural world. The sun was warm, different from anything Zal would have experienced in a lifetime on Gorse, and the locals were pleasant.

Kanan even found himself enjoying the walk. )

[OOC: This one's mostly NFB because spaaaace, though if you want to mention that a ship landed in a junkyard and out came Hera and Kanan, that's cool! Once again, some bits were pulled straight from A New Dawn, and preplayed with [livejournal.com profile] futurespacemom! Other posts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine! That's all there is, there isn't any more! For about another six years. Hera and Kanan are gonna keep nattering on in the comments, now. Thanks for being patient with my canonspam.]
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Kanan had been on the island for almost a year. The calendar agreed, the computing systems on the Expedient agreed. But upon arriving back on Gorse, Kanan had been somewhat stunned to realize that time itself was checking for a second opinion. His arrival at the Asteroid Belt hadn't been met with admonishments for vanishing with Moonglow Property since forever. It had been met with Okadiah, his employer, making his way up to him and patting him down, making sure that he was in one piece.

Yesterday, the old man had said. They hadn't had word from Kanan since yesterday, when out of nowhere they'd lost all contact with the ship. Moonglow didn't keep such close tabs on its ships to be able to tell if they'd blown up or simply taken off into hypserspace for who-knows-what-reason, mostly because of a lack of funds for that sort of equipment, but witnesses had seen something bright flash in and out of existence, and then one of Moonglow's freighters had disappeared.

"It was the load of baby," Kanan managed, after a few minutes of looking bemused. "The Expedient's sensors indicated that it had gone unstable. I barely had time to eject my cargo and make the jump to hyperspace before it blew."

"Well, you're lucky you did, my lad," Okadiah had replied, giving Kanan a warm pat on the shoulder. "And so are we. My best pilot, back from the dead? Drinks are on the house tonight!"

... Okay, maybe Kanan would hand Okadiah his notice in the morning, instead.

[OOC: Establishy. NFI and NFB because distance. And I would like to apologize in advance for the novel I'll be slowly posting over the course of this week.]
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It had all happened in a bit of a blur. Kanan had gotten home from work, had settled in for a quiet night of staring off, bored, into the void in the company of his dog and a bottle of something 160 proof, and had almost immediately been interrupted with a call from Portalocity. Apparently whatever the hold-up was keeping them from safely opening further portals to his home reality had been cleared, apparently something called a 'mynock' had gotten into the system on that end (of course it had been a kriffing mynock) and Kanan was cleared for portal travel back to Gorse whenever was most convenient. They would even give him half off the fare for his next trip!

Provided he took it in the next two hours.

Kanan looked at Stance, and sighed.

"I suppose if I'm going to stick around, I had better at least face the music and give Okadiah back his ship. Maybe I can catch a lift on an outgoing freighter and find my way to Moraga to pick up the Escape from there."

Stance whined, tilted his head at Kanan, and then gave his tail an experimental wag.

"Sorry, boy. I'm gonna have to find a sitter for you. At least until Steve gets Tony to make you that Adventure Dog harness."

Stance huffed and flopped down on the sofa, leaving Kanan to make preparations.

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Alright. So, apparently a part of being a teacher in a place like this was the whole... having to talk to the families of the students... thing. Which, Kanan supposed, he could appreciate, since there were students here who actually had families. And hey, good for them. Kanan was happy for them, really. He just had such a small amount of exposure to the whole concept of family that he felt as though he was going into this whole thing blind.

He supposed there was a chance that he'd be lucky and none of his students would have family after all.

He wrinkled his nose a moment later, realizing how terrible that was.

Maybe he should have brought his dog. Stance was way better with people than he was.

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Okay, so Kanan had gone from 'starting to speculate whether there were adult women on the island at all' to 'having plans with three of them all within the span of the same week' in roughly no time at all. Which suited him well enough, really. It was a distraction, and a welcome one, considering the fact that he was starting to get comfortable around the island, and comfortable, with Kanan, was generally a sign that it was time to move on. The plans, of course, weren't making him any less comfortable, but they were certainly doing wonders to keep him from getting bored.

That said, there was only so much that could be done around the island, so tonight's plans had involved a jaunt to the mainland, to a pub there that seemed to have passable drinks and food that actually, if you squinted closely, somewhat resembled food. Not that Kanan considered himself a pro on the topic just yet. It was just that people seemed to be eating it and keeping it down, which was more than he could say for the fare at some cantinas he'd visited in his lifetime.

"So," he said, glancing at his company for the evening. "Can I start you off with anything?"

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Besides class, Kanan really hadn't done all that much this week. He had a bit of a mess in his head to sort through, and between his conversations with Ahsoka and with Master Kenobi earlier in the week, he was a bit torn as to how he wanted to tackle it. Using the person he used to be as an anchor to the Force as Master Kenobi had suggested was a solid plan... except that Kanan wanted very little to do with the person that he used to be. He wanted even less to find himself face-to-face with all of Caleb Dume's unresolved traumas and hurts, and the idea of willingly putting himself through those pains again left him feeling ill inside.

He frowned down at the lightsaber and the holocron that he'd set out on the coffee table in front of himself. He hadn't gotten around to dismantling the weapon and storing it away again after the weekend. He wasn't completely certain that doing so was the right thing to do, here. He sighed and reached to pick it up, frowning at the old, familiar weight in his hand.

What the hell was he doing?

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Unlike when Caleb had woken up in a strange bed on Friday night, there was no sudden jerk awake for Kanan this morning. There was no immediate onset of panic, no choking sense of fear of a strange place. Which didn't mean that Kanan didn't contemplate trying to exit through a window this morning too, granted. But here in Obi-Wan's shack, it would be a somewhat less dramatic, rather more undignified sort of escape route.

Anyway, the door was right over there. And he could be reasonably certain that there weren't any clones on the other side of it, waiting with blasters at ready to take him down.

He sat up, looking quietly at that door, and then sighed and slumped forward, scrubbing at his face with his hands.

He felt almost as exhausted as Caleb had the other evening. His reasons for that were only mostly the same.

[OOC: For that Kenobi guy, naturally!]
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It had been all too easy for Kanan Jarrus to fall asleep on the couch that night after the sun had set, with a dog curled up at his hip, feeling, if not secure, at least relatively comfortable in his surroundings. It had been a long, long while since he'd been afraid to sleep, after all.

It had been all too easy for Caleb Dume to jerk awake with a start to find himself in a strange room, on a strange couch, with a strange animal curled up at his hip. He was on his feet a moment later, eyes wide, heart pounding in his ears, looking wildly around the room.

This wasn't Kaller. He'd been sleeping - a luxury he hadn't been able to afford in days - and this wasn't Kaller. He was hungry, Force help him he was exhausted, and he couldn't for the life of him figure out where he was or how he got here. He hadn't been restrained, though... there didn't seem to be any barrier between himself and the outside that he needed any real amount of effort to get past. So he hadn't been captured. Had he? He didn't know. He didn't know.

He was so, so tired.

The animal that had been sleeping beside him whined and looked up at him in concern, and Caleb crouched down low, reaching to scratch behind its floppy ears. Wherever he was, he couldn't stay here, couldn't afford to be found. So now, the question was whether he wanted to leave through the door, or through the window.

He was a Jedi, and the door was the obvious way out. This one was really a no-brainer.

[OOC: I WANT A TEENY JEDI OKAY HI. Open for the roomie or anybody who might notice a tiny Jedi trying to sneak out a third floor window after dark.]
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Okay, so Kanan had been a bit lax when it came to holding his office hours, this term. In his defense, he'd been a cat for much of it so far. And for the rest... eh. He hadn't cared enough to bother. He was still contemplating just taking off for somewhere else, after all. That galaxy they kept hitting, the one with the Krogans (and their liquor), seemed familiar in a distant sort of way, a mix of humans and a host of other alien people that... well... he didn't recognize, but it still seemed more like home than here.

Shame he'd spent all of last night drinking the ryncol (bad idea) instead of plotting his escape to a reality that at least sort of made sense. And shame they were apparently parked on some place with entirely too much cheese now. Kanan had been hosting a hangover all through class that morning, and when it came time to leave... it was bright out. Not great for a headache. And everything stank of cheese. And Kanan liked cheese, but the thought of going out there made him want to curl up and die a little, so he'd retreated to his office, instead. Preferably to wait out the hangover.

How that turned into meditating as the morning progressed was anybody's best guess. Master Kenobi was rubbing off on him, maybe. And nobody needed to know that he wasn't just sitting with his eyes closed. Letting his consciousness drift and explore however the Force nudged it was...

It was okay. It beat paying attention to the hangover and the sun and the cheese, anyway.

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And off I go for the rest of the week to the land of acoustic music and sleeping in the rain. Because you can't have a music festival in Nova Scotia without sleeping in the goddamn rain, apparently. I'm lamenting missing another BDE, but unfortunately, the rain doesn't come with Wi-Fi.

Stupid rain.

Anyway, Jono has gone off to Westchester to teach mutant kids and will be stuck in Portalocity stopover hell for the next few days, Sparkle has gone off to be traumatized in Tokyo with Minako, Peridot was doing science out on the rocky bits and handwavily got herself poofed by a falling rock (please nobody pawn her off before she re-forms), Mabel's a stuffed doll, and Kanan is a Loth-Cat. Zack is still in a tube somewhere. That part is a given but I had to include it because I'm terrible. Modding rights go to those who know who they are.

While you await my glorious return, please, join me in just staring at this website. Just staring at it.
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Kanan was in A Mood. Still. While his weekend hadn't been entirely unpleasant, the aftermath, the flood of memories and the persistent nagging of the Force that had plagued him on Monday morning hadn't exactly done wonders for his state of mind. Yes, he was well aware by now that the only person on the island who knew about him and thought he wasn't being an idiot when he blocked the Force out was himself. No, that wasn't going to stop him from planting himself on the sofa with a bottle of something cheap and hard at hand, trying his damnedest to drown it all away.

The going, thus far, wasn't super great. Drinking helped, but it didn't entirely drown things out the way that running always had for him. If he could just pack up and take off and never look back, he'd be set. But hey, it was the thought that counted.

Mostly, that thought was, 'damn this place.'

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Kanan was back in his office again, trying to figure out what in the world he wanted to do for his next class. He had a list, which he'd copied over from greasy napkins to actual paper, and had scratched out a few class ideas on account of... no.

That was a good reason to scratch things out, wasn't it? 'No?'

Had he taught something about creating diversions yet? Dante had certainly supplied that one on week two. And knowing your strengths? He hoped his students knew those already. What about working without a weapon? It seemed like Hyacinthe was the only one who hadn't listed one as his top priority when running...

Kanan sighed and slumped forward to rest his forehead on the desk. He'd worry about the backwards Aurebesh writing left behind on his face from the paper... at some point. What was he even doing here?

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